Hi, I'm Shevonne.


I'm a business mentor, global podcast host, published content writer and a business personality with a growing following. Try saying all that uber fast 5 times after a couple of wines. Luckily I think ‘elevator pitches’ are a waste of time for those of us truly wanting to connect with each other.

Who is this woman unapologetically throwing herself out there in the world? Many of you have asked to hear more about who I am beyond what I do so let's get acquainted.

By my very nature, I’m completely juxtaposed – a dreamer, yet pragmatic. Strong willed, yet gentle. Savvy, yet heart centred. A deep thinker, yet quick to make decisions. Intelligent, yet I still struggle to figure out Instagram (have you heard the Sheryl Sandberg story? Ask me about it next time we’re chatting). Courageous, yet conservative. Outspoken, yet introverted. Serious, yet love a good laugh. A (recovering) perfectionist, yet organised chaos… Because I love biting off more than I can chew in life, sauce dripping down my chin (you only live once, right?!)

Prior to leaping into the world of entrepreneurship I spent 12 years in the corporate world working for a range of organisations, from start-ups to global enterprises on developing their human capital. What this means is I spent many years being asked to ‘just do my job and stop asking questions.’ You see, entrepreneurs are very independent and innovative thinkers. We are extremely curious and are always thinking ahead to the next big thing. We find it merely impossible to just do a job without wanting to do it better.

Luckily for me my ability to innovate and think big means I’ve built a global brand in over 35 countries and have established myself as a trusted thought leader. I’m starting important conversations that matter, whether one-on-one when helping clients to grow their business, on my global podcast program talking about the ‘real’ of being in business or immersing myself in writing content for clients that positions them as leaders in their field. I’m all about changing thinking and thus, changing the world. 

In amongst all of this and becoming a Mum, I have three post graduate qualifications in Employment Law, Organisational Coaching and Business Innovation. As a bonus fact for you, I’m also the first person in my family to obtain a post graduate qualification (pretty chuffed about that!)

Feel free to connect with me any time and I look forward to helping you to do business better.