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Shevonne Joyce has invested deeply in learning the secrets of building iconic leadership brands from the inside out.

Brand Strategist | Co-CEO/Creative Director of stella.phoenix | Published author: The Unlikeables.

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Brand Strategy

Shevonne works with high calibre leaders to create unforgettable and iconic businesses and brands that feel as successful on the inside as they appear on the outside; designing success across business strategy, leadership effectiveness and personal brand. Her unique approach isn’t for everyone, but for those who are up for a total mindset rewire, the results are compelling.

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Shevonne is the Co-CEO and Creative Director of global, luxury children’s fashion brand, stella.phoenix. She owns this business with her husband, Paul.

Stella, as Shevonne affectionately calls it, is an innovative and mindful brand that designs timeless pieces. With an original and unique mix and match design functionality, children can express their individual identity and experience the enchantment of childhood by creating outfits they love. Stella has been invited/accepted into international fashion shows and has a devoted customer base/following.

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Shevonne has gone against the grain to research how positively stepping into and embracing ‘unlikeability’ has been a significant catalyst to the timeless success of some of the world’s most iconic brands. This mission began as a woman trying to solve her unlikeability problem. What she discovered in the process blew her socks off.

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