Are you ready to learn the secrets of being the go-to brand?


In the modern world, anyone can have a platform, but not everyone knows how to truly leverage it to achieve the powerful and innovative movement they are capable of.

This program is designed for women (and those who identify as women) who want to be the next Oprah of their field and is best suited to entrepreneurs, those working in a self employed capacity or a personal brand whose success depends on building a credible movement.

This includes business owners, professional sportswomen or elite athletes, comedians, media, radio or television presenters, investigative journalists, politicians, social commentators and activists.

You will be either:

  • An aspiring leader whose product/service is tried and tested, but you’re beginning the journey to creating a trusted, credible high profile brand

  • An emerging leader who has established or suddenly found themselves on an influential platform and knows winging your success is the quickest way to fail or;

  • A high profile leader with national or global presence who has already built a movement, but her audience is not responding how she expected and she is facing public backlash or scrutiny

These programs are not a match made in heaven for women who:

  • Aren’t prepared to take personal responsibility for keeping themselves accountable and consistently applying what they learn

  • Are after short term results, immediate answers or are chasing vanity metrics

  • Aren’t prepared to invest and work hard to achieve long term results

  • Aren’t walking their own talk in their business

To chat further about potentially working together, please connect with Shevonne below. She looks forward to hearing from you.

Please note: fees will not be disclosed prior to our initial discussion.