Have you got what it takes?


In the modern world, anyone can have a platform, but not everyone knows how to leverage it to truly become a quality expert in their field and audiences are turning off in droves. If you want to learn the secrets to being the go-to brand, look no further. 

This program is designed for women (and those who identify as women) who want to be the next Oprah of their field. They are positively disrupting their industry, changing the status quo and are prepared to invest big to achieve big.

This is for you if you're currently:

  • Unsure of how to differentiate yourself in the market and terrified of putting your true brand out there
  • Want to achieve big, scary change in your industry and are unsure how to position yourself to have the impact you're seeking
  • Tired of working for free and wondering when anyone will pay you what you're worth
  • Not attracting your ideal buyers
  • Experiencing the empty promises of tonnes of exposure, likes, subscribers and followers who are not buying from you or you're struggling to be noticed in your industry altogether
  • Consumed with fear at stepping into the spotlight and the responsibility that comes along with being the go-to brand in your field
  • At the mercy of your brand; it's driving you and you're constantly in a state of anxiety terrified someone will realise you're a total imposter
  • Working in a business that pays the bills but is unfulfilling in every other way
  • Feel like the oddball in your market and don't know how to utilise this to your advantage
  • Wanting a business that feels as successful on the inside as it looks on the outside

This isn't for you if you are:

  • Looking for a quick fix
  • Not seriously invested in the success of your business
  • Wanting a run of the mill mentoring program
  • Wanting to focus on problems, as opposed to solving them and;
  • Not prepared to work to achieve long lasting change and build a business for the long term

To chat further about potentially working together, please connect with Shevonne below. She looks forward to hearing from you.

To ensure you get the most out of the conversation, please note:

1. The purpose of this conversation is to discuss the potential of working together. It isn't a free strategy session and there is no cost associated with connecting for an initial conversation and;

2. Fees will not be disclosed prior to your initial conversation.