Are you ready for change?


Sometimes the only thing in the way of growing our business is ourselves. 

The beauty and the beast of business is the way it forces us to question everything we’ve ever known. It requires us to propel our thinking and innovating to levels we’ve never had to operate from before.

Regardless of what stage your business is at currently, how you position your personal brand is essential for taking your business to the next level, yet the impact this can have on business is often underestimated. 

Using a combination of coaching and mentoring tools, we can overcome the barriers that prevent you from position yourself as the go to brand in your field of expertise.

  • Identify the core of your unique offering and personal brand in business
  • Develop strategies to positioning yourself in the market in a way that differentiates you from your competitors
  • Unlock the drivers of the problems that prevent you from achieving the results you want
  • Take you from being visible to monetising and building a profitable business through your personal brand

Elevate: one-on-one mentoring program for women who are ready to maximise their results and take their personal brand and business to the next level.

This is an inclusive program.



For about a year I’ve had a kind of business paralysis – I was stuck on blockages and hurdles that kept me from moving forward in business. It’s only been a week since my coaching session with Shevonne and the paralysis has disappeared. Finally I have a clear vision and plans for how all my goals will manifest. Plus Shevonne was so much fun and easy to work with. My only regret is that I didn’t work with her earlier than I did!
— Nina
Shevonne is amazing. In one session she identified one of my biggest business issues and we started working on it straight away.  Shevonne is so genuine and made me feel empowered and confident about the direction that my business is heading in. I highly recommend her!
— Rachel
Shevonne helped me to accept myself for who I am and be my own leader - not someone else I think I need to be. Thanks to Shevonne I have found who I really need to be in my business.
— Amanda
With Shevonne’s guidance I was able to flip my thinking to see things more positively, focus on facts and discover opportunities that I had never thought of before.
— Mel
I just had my first coaching session with Shevonne and... WOW... I realised strengths and skills I have within myself that I never realised I had and now I have a more solid idea of where I am heading and how to get there.
— Kate