Do you know a bold, world changing woman who deserves to be celebrated?

Women are often praised for qualities such as 'being selfless', 'not talking about their successes', 'sacrificing themselves for others' and 'not wanting to take centre stage.' Praising women for these characteristics reinforces outdated stereotypes about what it takes to be successful as a woman - and it holds women back.

It's time we started a new celebration.

A celebration of women who are bold, outspoken, out there actively challenging the status quo, facing against the wind in uncomfortable circumstances creating change for the greater good. These are women who have created and are certain in their own unique identity. Women who aren't conforming. Women who simultaneously challenge and inspire you with their work. Women who actively practice what they preach. Women who are changing thinking.

Let's show that it's possible to be bold, courageous, to own your genius, prioritise yourself as well as others, be paid your worth, ask for help, demand better and celebrate your successes whilst still being a good, caring, genuine human being and a successful woman.

If you would like to nominate a woman for this series or you would like to nominate yourself please complete the below nomination form.

The candidates selected will be featured across Shevonne Joyce's social media platforms and form part of a bigger piece of thought leadership about celebrating women.

Please note-  due to the volume of nominations received it is not possible to give individual feedback.

This is an inclusive nomination that includes women and those who identify as women.


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Name of Person Nominating