Who would ever expect to go to work and not be paid for it?

The #payforprogress movement has been created to eradicate the economic disadvantage of women, the first phase of which is the economic disadvantage of women in business.

When we refer to 'women in business' or 'female entrepreneurs', we mean any self-employed woman (or person who identifies as a woman) who charges fee for service.

What’s causing economic insecurity for women in business?

There are many complex issues that are contributing to women in business being de-valued in the marketplace and creating less independent wealth, including:

  1. The volume of unpaid work they are expected to do with profitable organisations (including speaking at events, about how to close the pay gap!)

  2. How the marketplace perceives the value of women compared to men, and the reinforced structures, systems, cultures and business practices that lead to them being paid less and;

  3. As a result of the above two issues, how women perceive their own worth and subsequently price and position themselves

Consumers are calling out leaders and organisations who ask women in business to work for free. Are you next?

If you’re leading a for-profit business, it’s critical for you to understand that we are in an era of transparency in the modern world and consumer activism is on the rise. Consumers increasingly care about ethical business practices and ensuring organisations ‘walk their talk’ to demonstrate their social commitments. This means leaders and organisations are being publicly called to account with their social responsibility.

It’s no longer enough to say you’re committed to gender equality without being clear about how you’re actively demonstrating it; including ensuring you’re paying women in business fairly.

How is the #payforprogress movement securing the economic future of women in business?

1. We’re empowering women to value their worth, price themselves accordingly and earn more money in their business through the PEARL alliance

2. We’re working to integrate #payforprogress actions into existing gender equality action plans and change policy, culture and business practices

3. We’re engaging and informing business leaders on the impact their business practices are having on the economic security of women in business and helping them to ensure their practices align to their commitments

4. We’re invested in researching the economic disadvantage of women and will continue to track progress over time

Are you a female entrepreneur who is fed up with working for free and ready to earn what you’re worth? Learn more about joining PEARL here.

Want to learn more?

Check out our white paper which details first phase of research into the problems women are experiencing in business that are impacting their value in the marketplace and their business profitability. It also explores the rise of consumer activism and the risks asking women to work for free is presenting for leaders and organisations.

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