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Who would ever expect to go to work and not be paid for it?

Or to be a woman paid less than a man?

The #payforprogress campaign has been created to eradicate the economic disadvantage of women. Given the magnitude of the subject matter, it has been split into phases. Phase 1 covers the economic inequality of women in business.

When we refer to 'women in business' or 'female entrepreneurs', we mean any self-employed woman or  brand, or person who identifies as a woman, that covers a range of industries, including sporting professionals.

There are many issues that contribute to economic disadvantage for women in business, including:

  1. The volume of unpaid work they are expected to do with profitable organisations (including speaking at events, about how to close the pay gap!)
  2. The way women are valued in the marketplace compared to men that leads to them being paid less and creating less independent wealth
  3. Structures, cultures and business practices that don't align with commitment statements and;
  4. Subsequently, the way women value, price and position themselves in the market.

We have communities of female entrepreneurs who are over-exposed and underpaid.

More than ever we are in an era of transparency in the modern world and organisations are being publicly called to account with their corporate responsibility, particularly via social media. Consumers increasingly care about ethical business practices and ensuring that organisations 'walk their talk' to demonstrate their commitments. 

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The #payforprogress campaign is focused on taking action to progress equality forward by:

1. Advocating for women in business who are asked to work for free, empowering them to value their worth and price themselves accordingly through the PEARL alliance

2. Working with existing gender equality organisations and applicable government departments to integrate into any relevant and aligned equality action plans

3. Engaging and informing business leaders on the problems related to the economic disadvantage of women to ensure they can review their business practices and implement practical changes

4. Focusing on working together with all stakeholders to solve problems rather than ‘naming and shaming’

5. Sharing knowledge to the broader market to create fairer competitive climates and increasing the perceived value of female talent

6. Continuing our research into economic disadvantage over time to track progress

We’re calling for all profitable organisations to take action now to ensure they are:

1.      Reflecting commitments in business practices and ensuring suppliers are doing the same,

2.    Creating fair negotiating environments for women in business and;

3.    Fairly paying female talent for their work

For a copy of the campaign artefacts, including the white paper containing a self-assessment tool to see how your organisation measures up with progressing closing the economic gap in our life time, please complete the below form.

To read more about joining PEARL, an online alliance of women to are committed to valuing the worth of each other and themselves, please click here.

To read more about Shevonne Joyce, please click here.

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