Who would ever expect to go to work and not be paid for it?

This is an everyday reality for female entrepreneurs who are being asked and expected to work for free by profitable organisations, including speaking at events (about how to close the pay gap!)

We've all talked ourselves to death about what we 'need', 'want', are 'committed to' or 'aiming to' do in order to eradicate gender inequality, yet the business practices underneath the commitment tell a very different story. 

Many minority groups feel that organisations are engaging in ‘diversity tokenism’ by claiming to invest in small business, support closing pay gaps and touting their commitments to inclusion whilst simultaneously exploiting the very groups they claim to support. More than ever we are in an era of transparency in the modern world and organisations are being publicly called to account with their corporate responsibility, particularly via social media.

This presents serious risk to organisations currently engaging in these practices and commercial opportunity for those who are prepared to be at the forefront of change.

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The #payforprogress campaign is designed to work with organisations, from start-ups to global enterprises on implementing measurable actions and outcomes to demonstrate their commitments and create fair negotiating environments for female entrepreneurs to actually progress us towards closing the gap - instead of just talking about it.

Phase 1 is the economic inequality of women in business and is part of broader work to achieve true equality in our lifetime.

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