Power, Equality, Alliance, Revolution, Ladies.

These are the ingredients that make PEARL the place for women in business (and those who identify as women) to have each others back so you can be paid what you're worth.

PEARL is an online, inclusive alliance born out of the #payforprogress movement that is directly contributing to the female economy and helping women to secure their economic future. We recognise that collectively we have the power to eliminate the barriers that prevent women from growing profitable businesses.

Why are women joining PEARL?

There are a number of reasons why women are choosing to join, including:

  • They’re tired of seeing business women being undervalued, not paid or underpaid - and of being undervalued themselves

  • They’re fed up with leaders championing gender equality, whilst simultaneously asking women to work for free

  • They want access to the best quality advice on money and business - to be paid, paid well and paid fairly

  • They want to directly help women to obtain the money and influence they need to participate equally in the world

  • They want to be part of securing the economic security of their daughters

  • They want to buy from, be connected to, support and work with other women who are serious about growing profitable businesses through actively valuing the worth of women in their business practices

  • They believe in the power of the #payforprogress movement and want to join other women standing up for themselves

  • They want to choose what they generously give in their business, vs. what requires payment, on their terms!

What kind of women are joining PEARL?

We have a diverse pool of women in the alliance ranging from those who are starting out in business through to market leading and influential business women who are running highly profitable businesses.

Regardless of where they are in business, they all have something in common - they are highly strategic and engaged thinkers who are ready to be part of solving the problems before us (instead of simply complaining about them) and they are prepared and invested in deep thinking, intelligent conversation and application of what they learn.

We recognise that PEARL isn’t for 100% of women. It’s for about 2% of women - the kind of world changing women who are compelled to get out of bed every day and be part of the movement designed to change their economic future.

What are you committing to by joining PEARL?

Members who join agree to three core commitments:

  1. Valuing their worth in business

  2. Paying other women fairly and;

  3. Creating fair negotiating environments

How those commitments are applied in their business is up to each individual member - and we help you to practically define that. It’s about your commitments being meaningful and having true impact.

What are the benefits of joining PEARL?

As part of your annual subscription to PEARL, you will receive:

1. Access to a range of high quality information, advice and resources to help you make more money in your business

2. Advocacy support to help you manage requests from profitable organisations who ask you to work for free

3. Access to the list of other women who are part of PEARL so you can work with and buy from women who are putting their money where their mouth is to secure women’s economic future

4. Access to the online PEARL Facebook group for real time help, learning and support

5. Social media pack that enables you to tell your clients that your business has committed to the #payforprogress campaign and progressing gender equality

6. Access to the #payforprogress campaign research which will arm you with the latest information you need to navigate the complex world of being valued in the marketplace

This is the best investment you can make in yourself and your business for under 300 bucks, ever.
— Michelle
Totally recommend joining!
— Jo
PEARL has been an amazing investment in me and my business. Beyond the connections being made, it has provided focus. It has challenged and pushed me into action, it has helped me find the words to name inequality and it has helped me find the confidence to really VALUE me!
— Sarah

If you’re done with doing far too much work for free, charging less than you’re worth, running businesses that look more successful on the outside than they are on the inside or already running a profitable business but want to go next level, this is the alliance for you.

Click below to join the revolution by subscribing to an annual membership. Please note: by subscribing you are acknowledging, accepting and are bound by the PEARL membership agreement.

This is an inclusive group designed for women and those who identify as women.

For further information about the #payforprogress campaign, click here.


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