The Unlikeables: how to step into your true leadership power.


Ask any entrepreneur or leader building a personal brand and they will have heard that clients buy from those they like. This means that aiming to be likeable is crucial to building an iconic brand, right?


It seems counterintuitive, but when we chart the success of some of the world’s most iconic leaders, we see how positively stepping into and embracing their unlikeability was a significant catalyst to their timeless success. This guide takes you on the journey of a woman who made it her mission to solve her unlikeability problem. What she discovered in the process blew her socks off.

For Shevonne Joyce, embracing your unlikeability isn’t a pass to be mean-spirited, to harm others, or to act however you like without consequence. Quite the opposite, it’s about learning to celebrate and utilise the qualities that make you unique – even quirky. And that can be the kindest thing you do for yourself, and others.

Shevonne shares the inner workings of what makes us likeable and unlikeable to another person, and the secrets of how to leverage your unlikeability to build the kind of iconic brand you’ve only ever dreamed of.

Warning: what you learn will change everything. Secure your socks before reading.