4 female leaders who have nailed their personal brand in 2017


Personal branding has been around since the rise of the internet, but is only truly being understood now as we come to terms with our digital footprint on the world. Through the power of social media, there are more women than ever before who are trying to gain a spotlight in a crowded marketplace. As it stands, everyone has a platform, anyone can use it, but not everyone knows the powerful personal branding strategies that enable them to build a movement with maximum impact.

The people we lead are now demanding more human to human connection with leaders they trust and relate to both online and in person. In the modern business world, the number one differentiator between you and your competitors is personal branding. Effective personal branding goes beyond great first impressions and into how you position yourself as an authority in your market. Now, more than ever, trust is no longer automatically given to leaders, it must be earned. Make no mistake that business owners who don’t nail their personal brand in this climate will be left behind.

Who are the female leaders taking the crown for nailing their personal brand in 2017?

We’ve considered many women across entrepreneurship, politics, organisational leadership and celebrities and came up with a list of 4 stand-outs. 2017 has definitely seen an empowerment of women like never before. 2018 presents much potential for many more leaders to grow and refine their personal brand and reap the rewards of their legacy.

The below list are the kind of women we can truly aspire to. All unique, bold, and outspoken, with a demonstrated genuine care for the missions they are pioneering.

4. P!nk

Alicia Beth Moore, known as P!nk, has been unapologetically pioneering the empowerment of women since the day she stormed our music charts in the year 2000. Against strong criticism, P!nk has refused to conform to the typical mould expected of female artists, began to re-define beauty and became one of the worlds’ top earning female artists.

In 2017, she broke the internet with her acceptance speech of the Michael Jackson Video Vanguard award at the VMAs with a story about how she taught her daughter about the true definition of beauty through a presentation of androgynous celebrities. It has been described as not only ‘powerful’ but a ‘revolution’ against body image and beauty standards.

P!nk has managed to create a real, bold, raw and powerful personal brand that connects deeply with many on a global scale and positions her as an unstoppable and respected female leader for audiences beyond her music fan base.

3. Jacinda Ardern

The newly elected New Zealand Prime Minister has given the world of global politics a refreshing breath of air. In a world where trust and confidence in politicians is at an all-time low, Jacinda has entered centre stage and, so far in her short time filling the shoes, is absolutely nailing her personal brand.

Jacinda has achieved that perfect mix of being a warm, down to earth and relatable leader whilst also maintaining presence and certainty. She emanates a genuine care for those she leads and the work she does. Despite still finding her feet and growing into her brand, she is taking good steps towards positioning as a leader who ‘walks her talk.’ The impact of this is clear in the comments people make on social media about feeling like she’s the only leader they’ve ever truly connected to.

She is definitely a key female leader to watch in 2018 and we look forward to seeing how she continues to bloom.

 2. Tracey Spicer

From her humble beginnings and, now claim to fame, as the ‘fainting weather girl’, Tracey Spicer has grown into an outspoken, courageous pioneer who is a hero for many women. With an impressive career in journalism and media, Tracey overcame the imposter syndrome that plagued the early days of her career to be a shining beacon for diversity in media and leadership representation.

She has been at the forefront of many worthwhile causes, most recently as part of the #metoo campaign, exposing sexual harassment and deeply entrenched layers of discrimination in the media industry. Further than that, she’s created the Outspoken Woman masterclass, giving women a platform to use their voice without fear.

Her book ‘Good Girl Stripped Bare’ became a best seller when she challenged the ‘good girl’ syndrome that prevents women from creating the success they’re capable of. Her brand is embedded in all her achievements. Tracey doesn’t do things by halves and is truly an inspiration to many. She represents a rock-solid crusader with an approachable, warm and genuine nature, who loves a good laugh. 

1. Penny Wong

Unassuming Penny Wong has created a legion of strong supporters with her unwavering crusade for human rights, including a more personal charge for marriage equality in 2017.

Penny has been the kind of leader who remained admirably collected and staunch in the face of some outrageous, divisive, uneducated and hurtful perspectives, while respectively fighting back with facts, conviction and common sense.

Her unique ability to demonstrate such strength, whilst also being heart-felt and human has allowed Penny to create a brand that is about the people and for the people, whilst also being fair and considered. She holds other leaders to account, has high standards and her impact on the successful marriage equality vote in Australia is undeniable.

With growing discontent in Australian politics, many have begun calling on Penny to become PM as they see her as a diverse leader who can represent many aspects of modern Australia, and in turn, truly represent the people. We look forward to seeing the great work she does in 2018.

Shevonne Joyce has built and monetised a trusted and quality personal brand that spans 60 countries. She works with women to position them as the go-to brand in their industry. If you're ready to become the go-to brand in 2018, please get in touch.

Shevonne Joyce