What to do when you’re in the spotlight… And terrified of the spotlight.

Imagine this: you are in a role that requires you to not only be in the spotlight, but command it. Yet, you’re absolutely terrified of it. This includes being on public platforms, in the media or simply challenging the status quo in your field.

Being in the spotlight for you is like being caged with a wild tiger and achieving the level of success you dream of requires you to tame it.

But you’ve never tamed a tiger before.

You know you’re good with animals. Your friends cats like you, but this isn’t a cat, it’s a tiger.

You know that you could do great things with a tame tiger. In fact, it’s really become a make or break for you now because everyone is expecting you to tame this tiger. Your personal reputation and success in your field depends on it.

As much as you try to pretend the tiger isn’t there, and as much as you try to ignore the tiger, it’s there, in your living room, in the cage with you, taking up more of your space.

Deep down you know you actually NEED the tiger to be successful and so a love/hate relationship forms with the tiger.

Sound familiar?

There’s many reasons why women struggle to tame the tiger that is their fear of being in the spotlight. All of which are largely rooted in the social conditioning that we receive around ‘how to be successful as a woman.’ This leads to many problems that fundamentally impact our success as an authority in our field.

Examples include, (but are not limited to):

Women going to extreme lengths to avoid the spotlight altogether

Despite being astronomically talented with so much to give to the world, mind you!

Sometimes they know what they’ve got to offer, but they keep all the ingredients locked away in a cupboard, because it’s safe there.

Other times they have no idea what kind of gold mine they are sitting on or how to articulate that in a new and original way in their market.

Women getting into the spotlight and underselling what they do, using diminutive language.

They spend so much time telling people all the reasons why they are not the person to buy from, vote for, how terrified they are of their job, that they completely miss the opportunity to strategically connect and leverage.

Women putting others into the spotlight instead.

All this achieves is positioning everyone else as the authority in their field by leveraging their expertise, thought leadership, talents in front of your ideal audience instead of your own. It’s not that there isn’t great value in lifting other women up and creating collective success (we’re all for it), but it becomes a problem when you’re doing it to your own detriment.

Problems similar to these result in you having less impact, making less money, creating less change, and reaching a lower benchmark of personal success than you are ultimately capable of.

If you’re seeing, feeling, hearing yourself in these descriptions, the good news is the tiger is completely tameable- when you know how. Each tiger generally needs an individualised training program, specifically designed for the problems they are experiencing, however here are 3 recommendations to set you on the path to success.

1.    Identifying what you specifically have to offer which is spotlight-worthy

What are you doing that’s different to anyone else? How does that achieve better results for your audience? How are you fundamentally changing society, the world, your industry? What is it about your offer that your ideal market can’t live without?

Before you go out and connect with a market, it’s important to specifically design what you individually have that is connection worthy and why that’s important to your ideal market.

Hint: often what ends up being your spotlight-worthy advantage is not what you originally thought it was! 

2.   Learning how to present in the spotlight with power and impact

Once you know exactly WHAT you have to offer, the next step is presenting that with certainty, credibility and transparency. This is about taking the parts of you and what you offer and connecting them with the parts of your ideal audience that need to light up in order to motivate behaviour and change… Be that buying from you, joining the movement, voting for you.

This isn’t about ‘faking it til you make it’ or ‘being someone you’re not.’ It’s about taking the unique parts of you that your ideal market can’t live another day without being introduced to and creating the connection.

3.   Developing certainty through disruption

Developing rock solid certainty as a leader means becoming comfortable with the process of disruption. This includes learning how to manage and respond to those who are challenged by what you’re presenting.

This enables you to not only no longer fear being challenged but thrive on it and learn to utilise it for the growth of your movement.

Shevonne Joyce teaches women the secrets of how to be the true go-to brand in their industry and create businesses and brands that are as successful on the inside as they appear on the outside. For a confidential conversation, please get in touch.


Shevonne Joyce