What if... Your work doesn't become widely recognised until after you die?

True geniuses and experts are often 'before their time.' They're pioneering future innovation and thought leadership while the rest of the world languishes in the 'current.'

They're often seen as 'controversial' and shunned or widely criticised. It's not until the rest of the world catches up to see the beauty of what they offered that suddenly they become revered. Sometimes this occurs many years after their death.

Despite this, these leaders often dedicate their life to their craft, accepting that the mission at hand is greater than any personal recognition they'll receive in their life time. The mark they subsequently leave on the world is often priceless.

What would you say if you knew this was destined to be you? That in order to create significant change you'll have to forgo any personal recognition or accolade in your life time? Would you still be as dedicated? Would it mean as much to you?

If the answer to those questions is yes, congratulations - you've found your life purpose.

Shevonne Joyce teaches women the secrets of how to be the true go-to brand in their industry and create businesses that are as successful on the inside as they appear on the outside. For a confidential conversation, please get in touch.

Shevonne Joyce