If you’re wondering what link you’ve stumbled upon and what on earth this is all about – welcome. You’re about to learn something that will change your understanding of the human experience – and thus, change your business.

To gain full value of this article will require you to suspend all judgement, justification and simply explore the opportunities and possibilities herein. This is because we’re going to be discussing your ego in a way that your ego may not be used to.

You see, ego likes to work its magic behind the scenes like a trusted adviser and let you be the face of the show.  For ego, this will be akin to letting the world’s media into its head office to reveal what really goes on behind those shiny doors. It’s not that ego is hiding, or not transparent, it’s simply like any smart brand; protective of its IP.

Our ego can be an uncomfortable topic to discuss because there’s much misunderstanding about the role it plays in our lives (and business) and what that ultimately means about us. It’s often painted as the evil character to fight or wrestle with or reject. We attribute it to being responsible for egotistical, narcissistic and selfish traits, which of course can be true on one hand. On the other hand? Ego is important for our growth and evolution. We need it for our very survival and utilised in a healthy way, with a defined project scope, ego can be valuable.

Left to run unabated though?

Ego is very conscientious, but in a way that’s like 850 Donald Trumps amplified by 20. It’s only failing is that it can do its job too well – the kind of well that can be costly for your personal reputation, credibility, authority, presence and alignment to your purpose (heart and wisdom). Like anyone who is very talented at what they do, it has all the ingredients to be the ultimate super power, as long as its gifts are channelled in the most effective way.

The first step is understanding the kind of role that ego may be playing in your business. Examine what it’s giving you and costing you.

For example, is ego keeping you small? Or helping you to sensibly navigate new heights?

Some key signs of ego’s presence include a need to know, get even, be right, justify, judge or look good (and if you find yourself saying, ‘yeah, BUT I only do that when…’ or ‘I do that BECAUSE…’ Or completely deny its existence, that’s just ego doing what it does best).

What makes ego so powerful?

Ego has nailed how to position itself as the number one go-to brand in your life and business. If we could examine ego purely from the sense of its entrepreneurial capabilities, it’s the ultimate master. There’s in fact much we can learn from it – a few points of which we will explore today.

Ego has learnt the art of compelling thought leadership

Ego understands its ideal client (you) so intimately and the results you want that it has become part of your very identity. It has the ability to cultivate the kind of trusted and personal relationship that always adds value, leaves you asking for more, pushes boundaries, connects deeply with the problems you want to solve and your inner most desires. Like a well-oiled machine, it knows exactly what you want and need, exactly when you need it. It can translate thought leadership across complex cross-cultural environments. Ego is creative, clever, agile, listens and responds, whilst also always been one step ahead.

Ego has built a rock solid, powerful movement

Ego is a market leader in every sense and is constantly developing innovative work that pushes boundaries in its industry. Ego is purposeful with strategy, stakeholder engagement and has complete ownership over how it connects to market. Its intuition is learnt, it leaves nothing to chance and it’s always one step ahead of the game. Contrary to popular belief, it always operates with integrity and wants the best for you. Ego is also visionary, yet humble… Not in the sense that it sees itself as lesser, but that it is wholeheartedly there to serve you.

Getting better results than anyone else in its industry is a non-negotiable

Ask ego and it will deliver. Ego fundamentally believes the proof is in the pudding, has a high rate of recommendation and referral and lets its work speak for itself. It wants nothing but to deliver the best for you and will emanate this standard throughout the lifecycle of your work together. Ego is the kind of leader that will keep delivering until the wider market can’t ignore it anymore.

Clever, huh?

Shevonne Joyce teaches high calibre leaders and personal brands the secrets of how to be the true go-to brand in their industry.