The Secret Life of High Profile Women: how to leverage influence in your field

Within these pages you'll find all the best secrets in one place, including: 

  • The unspoken sacrifices of becoming the Oprah of your field... The rewards are great, but the sacrifices are not often spoken about

  • How to manage your online presence from a place of empowerment, certainty and authority while effectively challenging the status quo

  • How to avoid/manage being a 'sitting duck' in interviews or other situations you can't escape from

  • Secrets about how successful women do it all and what common denominators that contribute to the big game

  • What to do when faced with the ultimate conundrum - being in a role that requires you to be in the spotlight, but you're terrified of it! 

  • How, based on its entrepreneurial abilities alone, your ego is the ultimate super power brand in the world. What makes it so? We can learn a lot from it!

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