Tuesday video. Tonight we’re discussing the following topic: ‘when are the ‘shiny’ personal development courses a waste of money?’

If you’re someone who invests lots of money into these types of courses without getting real results, or you’re thinking about doing so, this is for you.


  • This is a common thing… courses that run … u get there and it’s nothing that u get from them other than a net work group…. being looking for a mentor for 12 months … I find u get some one n they go oh that’s too hard … or I have no idea how to move u forward … oh ur grown to fast …. what the…. excuses from them… or they say if it wasn’t for them to be ur business coach then u won’t excel…… what the…. I’m here arnt I am it wasn’t with u … lol ur hit it on the head!

    • Thanks for your contribution to the discussion, Melissa and sorry to hear such a terrible experience. Unfortunately, like with anything, there are excellent, talented and amazing coaches and mentors and then there’s what you’ve described. I’ve also done another video on this talking about how to choose the right coach/mentor and also another video on reasons why you might not get results with one. I’ll tag you in this.

      I can say for certainty that what you’ve described does not sound like the standard of coach or mentor who is going to get you real results.

      If you’re looking for a mentor, please feel free to get in touch and apply to work together. We can have a chat about what you’re wanting to achieve and go from there. Here’s the link: http://bit.ly/2vwD53G


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